Training List

Subject Level of Expertise
Doctors career pathways, history, grade names, recruitment,  Tooke - for beginners Beginners
Junior doctors hours - beginners - Theory and Practical DRS in collaboration with Skills for Health
Organisations overview, terminology, and initials - beginners Beginners
Locums and day to day recruitment - beginners Beginners / intermed
Flexible trainees (Less Than Full Time); rota practice
Intermediate / advanced
Consultant contract, Job Planning and clinical excellence Beginners / intermediate / advanced
SAS contract, and Ts and Cs Beginners / intermediate / advanced
Terms and Conditions for junior doctors - pay protection, removal expenses, leave, maternity etc Intermed / advanced
Junior Doctors Hours - problem solving difficult rotas Advanced / one to one
Updates - workforce / posts / Deaneries / Finance
Intermed / advanced
Immigration - rule changes with the Points Based System Intermed / advanced
6 employer checks Beginners / intermed
Caldicott, Data Protection, Freedom of Information Intermed / advanced
Maternity for doctors Intermed / advanced
Foundation Doctors - purple guide, placements, tasters etc Beginners / intermediate
Revalidation updates
Intermed / advanced
Dealing with difficult doctors Intermed / advanced
Basic employment law - on notice, fixed terms, statutory dismissal, 12 month contracts etc Beginners / intermediate
Out of Programme Experiences Beginners / intermed
Maintaining High Professional Standards Intermed / advanced
Learning - subjects for medical personnel self improvement Intermed / advanced
Business Partners / Managers overview - careers / training / recruitment / hours / organisations / contracts / funding / future/ honoraries / getting more doctors One day for HRBP / Trust managers
Fitness to Practise Intermed / Advanced
Immigration - PBS and document knowledge

Intermed / Advanced

Events, Meetings & Training

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