Namps Membership

One year's membership to NAMPS


Typres of Membership

Ordinary £35.00
Open to anyone who is directly involved either wholly or partially in medical personnel work within the National Health Service.

Associate £60.00
Open to employees of associated organisations such locum agencies, the BMA, who can join but are not able to participate in Association business.

Retired £15.00
Category of membership available to those who have held “full individual” membership but have, for any reason, ceased to be employed in the NHS. Retired members retain the same rights as full individual members.

What's Included in Membership
  • Receipt of the NAMPS newsletter, published ten times per year. 
  • Access to training courses and conferences
  • Access to regional meetings
  • All the benefits of being part of a national network, where you can share problems, agree best practice and contribute to the development of medical staffing as a vital, professional HR service.