The Forum Representative's Role

  • The National Forum represents the membership between Annual General Meetings. It is required to meet at least twice every year in Spring and Autumn. Where necessary it interprets policy for the National Executive and it is specifically responsible for arranging the programme of the Annual Conference.
  • The National Forum shall comprise one representative from each area (or successor organisations as agreed by the National Executive) and one representative each from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
  • National Forum representatives shall be elected annually and no member shall act for more than four years consecutively. After serving for four consecutive years a member may not be eligible to stand for the National Forum again for a further period of four years in the same capacity
  • In the event of the failure of a constituency formally to nominate a representative or a deputy in writing, the National Executive may, exceptionally for one year, nominate a constituency representative.
  • Encourage membership/renewals
  • Be an active member of either the Conference, Communications, Sponsorship or Training committee, or other committees, as agreed with the Executive.
  • Be willing to take on one of the Executive roles in the future.